Welcome To SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam Wiki Site!

The SMK Seksyen 9 Wiki Classroom project is an Internet based collaborative learning project using wikis with ICT students in 5 different states in Malaysia. Your school has been chosen to represent the Selangor state. In this six weeks project, students will be grouped with four to five students in each group. Students will explain, explore, and discuss activities sheet from the two modules derived from the ICT syllabus, namely ICT and Society and Multimedia. This page serves as the central hub for project management and topics concerning this project. The success of this project highly depends on the students wikis contribution in the form of discussion, assignment, self reflection and lastly the multimedia production as the end products.

If you have any problem, please email me at norhishamn@gmail.com

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All the best for making use the Internet for your learning. You will discover wonders in it!

Important Announcement!

  • Complete all your wikis assignment by the week of 6-10 August 2007
  • Update your students and group E-Portfolio. Make sure all the links are working
  • You are required to give your comments on what you have learned so far in wikis by clicking on the Thinking Thought section. Under the discussion tab, put in your feedback.
  • By this time, you should be doing Wikis 3 project and about to upload it to YouTube.com before embed it into your Group Portfolio.

We are counting on you to complete the whole project! Put your BEST effort in it! SMK Seksyen 9 is proud of you!

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